Lose Weight with the Paleolithic Diet

It is difficult to characterize it as a new idea, since proponents of this popular diet say it has existed since the dawn of man, but as the paleo diet continues its rise to prominence as one of the best ways to lose weight, and remain healthy at the same time, this timeless diet deserves a fresh look.


Some typical foods you’ll find in a paleo diet

What is the paleo diet? How can a person safely lose weight while employing its method? Known by some as the ‘caveman’ diet, the idea is simple. Eat as much as you want, as often as you like, but eat only the foods that would have been available to histories early hunting and gathering humans. So you want bacon and eggs, and a slice of an apple for breakfast. That’s no problem. Those foods would have been readily available to early humans. However, go easy on the milk, cereal and refined sugar. There is no way that such a meal would have been eaten by primitive people.

Use the same approach for the other meal. Tuna salad, folded into a crisp lettuce leaf makes for a delicious lunch. Or, for supper, why not try a juicy piece of roast beef, garnished with spinach and bell peppers.

However, for health and weight-loss leave off the buns. Calorie heavy breads are a defiant diet buster, and the grains used to make these foods are not as healthy as more natural paleo ingredients.

But, how does the paleo diet work. That’s simple. Early humans consumed a diet heavy in such foods as foul, fish, eggs, and fruit. To supplement these basic ingredients, the used natural oils (coconut, avocado, or olive), nuts and plentiful vegetables. Only when human culture evolved did that diet change, incorporating fatty foods and grains. But when human culture emerged, the human metabolic and digestive system did not. Today, unlike humans from the paleo era, we have grown obese and lazy. Thanks to modern dietary choices, conditions such as heart disease plague humankind. The paleo diet seek to return adherents to that simpler, healthier diet.

Here is how it works. The healthy ingredients which make up the paleo diet are not, in themselves, fattening. Imagine this. It is possible for someone to eat as much green, leafy vegetables as is desired, and never gain weight. That person never experiences hunger, always feels energetic, and doesn’t suffer with cholesterol problems, high blood pressure, or other heart conditions. The other foods which make up the paleo diet also confer these benefits. Foul, fish, fruits, and vegetables all work to maintain good health and proper weight for anyone using this diet.

As this gluten free diet continues to capture the imagination of the public, expect a resurgence of excellent health in the population. The advent of modern agriculture didn’t provide the boom to the human life span as some believe. Just remember this, eat as much as you want, but stick to the foods that the cavemen enjoyed: chicken; nonfat red meat; eggs; fish; fruit and non-grain vegatibles. Soon you will be enjoying a much healthier, and slimmer lifestyle.

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