Lacking anaerobic exercise? Start jumping!


The benefits of Anaerobic Exercise

Anaerobic exercise is exercise ‘without air’. The first stages of all physical activity is anaerobic in nature, but we generally consider anaerobic exercises to be exercises which is done in bursts at a high intensity. Examples of this are sprinting and lifting weights.

When we think of ‘fitness’, we usually think of aerobic exercise, such as jogging or cycling. These are aerobic exercises which have a tremendous benefit to your cardiovascular fitness, and burn more calories. However, anaerobic exercises are usually forgotten, even though they possess many benefits themselves.

Firstly, they are necessary for becoming stronger and building more muscle mass. If you want to lift heavy weights or run extremely fast, you need to be recruiting your fast twitch fibers, which aerobic exercises do not. Secondly, they also serve to condition your body and increase your endurance, which is vital for almost all sports. Finally, a lot of people forget the benefits of anaerobic workouts as a means to losing weight – they increase your metabolism and make you consume more energy as you become stronger, so you actually end up passively burning more calories and decreasing bodyfat.

What anaerobic exercises can I do at home?

Unlike going for a jog or a cycle, getting anaerobic exercise done is slightly more challenging. Sprinting at home is not possible, and it’s not unusual to feel too embarrassed to do it in public open spaces. Some people opt for the gym and weightlifting, which can be great, but it might be an expensive option, especially if you’re focusing on aerobic workouts.

You need a very big house to sprint at home!

You need a very big house to sprint at home!

We suggest jumping as the best anaerobic exercise, which you can do virtually anywhere, including your own home! To get started, just jumping up and down like a maniac will see benefits, but there is plenty more you can be doing. A jump rope is one idea, but doing this at home can be difficult. You can discover more jump exercises here, some of which will have the bonus of improving your core and leg strength significantly.

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