The Secret Revelation

The Secret Revelation
Unveiling the Mystery of the Book of Revelation
ISBN:  0-9759463-1-5
LCCN: 2006904968

by Stella Religa

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The Secret Revelation  
challenges this generation of Christians
with a hopeful and original interpretation of
Johnís prophesy based on The Urantia Book

It provides Christian believers
with a comprehensive introduction to
the Urantia Revelation

Book of Revelation - 2000 Years of Controversy

The Book of Revelation has sparked debate, confusion, fear, and even armed conflict for two millennia; it is perhaps the most controversial document of all time. Its apocalyptical symbols have inspired uncountable interpretations and untold mischief throughout the Christian era.

Today, this ancient text is very much alive: Based on their reading of it, tens of millions of Christians believe that a dire series of "end-time" events is imminent. But will such things really come to pass? Anyone concerned about the future of our planet and the core teachings of Christianity needs to come to terms with the Book or Revelation.

Rediscover the Grandeur of Johnís Vision

Scholars have speculated that John's original writings were distorted, altered, added to and that much was simply lost. The Secret Revelation confirms that finding, corrects the errors, and adds a vast amount of new insight. Apostle John was forced to write in codes and symbols, but from his celestial abode, he now speaks out once again to reveal what he actually saw and wrote.

The Secret Revelation removes the secrecy from the Book of Revelation once and for all, unveiling the sublime grandeur of St. Johnís original vision.

What Was Apostle Johnís Original Vision?

Disturbed by the images of impending apocalypse now being broadcast so widely by Christians, author Stella Religa went in search of the truth about biblical end-times prophecy. Using The Urantia Book as a crucial reference, and gifted with extensive celestial assistance, Ms. Religa painstakingly reconstructs the Apostle Johnís original vision that now lies buried in the Book of Revelation. She discovers that there will be no Antichrist, and no Armageddon; there will be no "late great planet earth".

Instead, you will learn that John's original message inspired by a great and heavenly vision was exclusively one of love and mercy, containing gentle but firm warnings to future believers.

Stella Religa

Stella Religaís life long interests have been religion and world politics, and she has been an ardent community activist. She founded the Whittier chapter of the National Organization for Women, and was also founder of a shelter for battered women and children.

Stella lives in Whittier, CA., and is a long-time student of The Urantia Book

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